The Written Word

Ellipsum’s team of experienced writers will make your words leap off the page, screen, or podium.  Let us craft great sound bites, opinion pieces, and speeches that deliver your message with substance and style.  Too busy to post your own social media? Let our writers take the reins, and keep up your presence online.

Copywriting, editing and factchecking

If you need to add oomph to your company newsletter, factcheck an article, or edit anything from pamplets to books, Ellipsum’s team of experienced writers will deliver the goods. Make your copy sing and watch your work get noticed.

Opinion writing

Whether for a newspaper, website or other platform, Ellipsum’s writers will make your point in an engaging, readable style. Our writers have covered a wide range of subjects in their careers, and readily combine facts and arguments to craft compelling narratives.

Blogging and social media

If you need to maintain a blog or social media presence, but don’t have the time to post on a regular basis, Ellipsum writers can do the work for you. Send us your ideas in point form and we’ll turn them into snappy copy that will keep the traffic coming to your site.


Giving the keynote at an industry conference, or the pep talk at the company retreat?  Your Ellipsum speechwriter will work with you to capture not only your thoughts, but your voice, to create a talk that comes from the heart and keeps the audience engaged. For additional polish, combine speechwriting services with a media coaching session to learn how to present with confidence and field questions from the audience or the press.

For a no-charge consultation and quote on your next project, please contact us here.