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Does standing in front of a microphone make you nervous? Does putting out a press release give you writer’s block? You’re not alone. Dealing with the media can be a stressful experience – if you don’t have the tools.

That’s where Ellipsum comes in. We teach you the art of the interview: how to get your message out, avoid pitfalls, and stay calm in a crisis. We craft great copy: an update for your company newsletter, a keynote at an industry event, an opinion piece on paper or a blog post online.

Why Choose Us?

Our coaches and writers are award-winning professionals with decades of experience in all manner of media. From traditional radio, television and print, to social media, podcasts, youtube, blogs and vlogs, we cover it all – because we’ve done it all. We’ve also worked in many other fields, including law, politics, academia, advocacy and business. We’ve been in your shoes, being interviewed as experts and spokespersons for organizations and businesses.

Every client is unique, and we will tailor a media coaching program that suits your individual needs. Whether you aspire to become the go-to expert in your field, promote your product or fend off tough questions, we will help you achieve your goals. We know practice makes perfect, and maximize the number of practice interviews in every session to give you as many opportunities as possible to rehearse for the real thing.

In print, we write and edit pieces large and small, from books to opeds. We are adept at social media, and the different demands of multiple platforms. But the most important ingredient is you. Whether we’re crafting a blog post, a press release, or a newsletter, we make a point of getting to know you, and ensuring that your voice shines through.

So harness the power of Ellipsum! And never be at a loss for words.

Want to talk? We’re all ears!

What People Are Saying About Us..

"Ellipsum has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They gave me individual guidance and feedback without changing the overall vision of my project! From media training, speech editing, and public speaking, all aspects were covered in a professional manner. They have gone above and beyond to help me, I cannot thank them enough! I Look forward to working with them in the future."

     – Piper Gilles, Canadian Olympic Ice Dancer 

“Tasha Kheiriddin is a consummate professional with an attention to detail and results that make it a pleasure to confer demanding and difficult challenges. I recommend her work for strategic, media and communication needs at all levels for corporate and public affairs.”

    – Carolina Gallo, Communications Manager, ABB Canada

“Tasha is an exceptional talent with a brilliant mind and a creative spirit. She edited my most recent book and exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. I have worked with a number of editors before and Tasha is clearly in a league of her own.”

    – Bob Plamondon, President, Plamondon & Associates Inc.


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